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I'm an entrepreneur living in Antwerp, interested in changing the way companies innovate and society operates.

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Hi there, I'm Maarten Tak. For the past 6+ years I've worked at FAUWT as a Front-end Developer. This gave me the opportunity to become familiar with the impact of technology on business as usual. After graduating with distinction from the Antwerp Management School I co-founded the digital innovation agency RBLS where I work as a Creative Innovation Architect and Design Researcher.

let's meet-up

My interests

  • Innovation for Enterprises
  • Concept & Strategy
  • Information Design
  • Next internet protocol
  • Singularity
  • Philosophy
  • Cinematography

"The only timeless act worth noting is questioning the status quo."

I'm currently open for challenges involving (corporate) innovation, business modelling & marketing concepting and strategies.

With the rise of AI and automisation, the need for creative solutions to complex problems rises in all aspects of business, HRM and innovation. A world with merely scientists, designers and programmers would be boring, so together with RBLS we seek opportunities to involve all disciplines of human talents in business, economics and politics to enhance the standard of living for all of society.