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Digital Innovation Agency

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A digital innovation agency that creates pragmatic products & services developed from academic research to enable radical innovation within complex organisations.

The folks over at RBLS are a visionary bunch of designers, researchers and analysts dedicated to building new types of innovation architectures within complex organisations. We believe in the synergy between people and technology to enable radical innovations. Based on the Research of our co-founder Dr. Mixel Kiemen, we have developed a unique approach to novely production within companies, enables by technology, to transfrom the way companies innovate and ultimately operate. Not only for growth and better adaptability with volatile markets, but also to be prepared for the singularity and the meaning economy.

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  • ClientsAntwerp Management School, Digipolos, Velocitas, FairEtail
  • RolesInnovation Methodologies & Strategy, Research & Development, Enterprise Architectures
  • Launch2015